Churchfields Primary School

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Meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leaders Responsibilities
Tom Hyndley Headteacher
Child Protection Officer
Evaluation and Improvement
Continuing Professional Development
Erica Norledge

Deputy Headteacher
Assessment Coordinator

Phase and Subject Leaders Co-ordinator

KS1 Phase Leader

Andrew Harper

Assistant Headteacher
Teaching and Learning

EYFS Phase Leader

Liz Quayle

Assistant Headteacher

Inclusion Manager

Y5 Class Teacher

Peter Fraser UKS2 Phase Leader
Year 6 Class Teacher
Trishna Patel

LKS2 Phase Leader

Y4 Class Teacher

Victoria Hicks

English Leader

Y5 Class Teacher

Aisling Armstrong Maths Leader
Y6 Class Teacher
Laura Shaw

Science Leader

Y6 Class Teacher

Sally Crowley ARU Leader
ARU 1 Class Teacher
Jean Baker HLTA
Assistant Inclusion Manager
Family Worker
Attendance Monitor

Class Teachers Year Group and Responsibilities
Maria Jefferies Nursery (Apple)
Chantal Saunders Reception (Palm)
Sonia Burn Reception (Beech)
Simone Blundell Year 1 (Silver Birch)
Adam Brindley Year 1 (Rowan)
Imogen Nicol

Year 2 (Maple)

Geography and History Leader

Jayne Tarbuck (Monday - Wednesday)

Alexandra Cruz (Wednesday - Friday) 

Year 2 (Ginkgo)
Ben Philips

Year 3 (Poplar)

RE Leader

Nicola Burnett (Monday - Wednesday)

Katie Widgery (Wednesday - Friday)

Year 3 (Baobab)
Trishna Patel

Year 4 (Sycamore)

Y3/Y4 Phase Leader

Beckie Gundry-White

Year 4 (Hazel)

PSHEC Leader

Clare Luker

Year 4 (Sycamore & Hazel)

Student Teacher


Victoria Hicks (Monday - Thursday)


Liz Quale (Friday)

Year 5 (Olive)

English Leader 


Assistant Head Teacher

Inclusion manager

Sarah Killian Year 5 (Cherry)


Peter Fraser (Monday - Thursday)


Laura Shaw (Wednesday - Friday)

Year 6 (Elm)

Y5/Y6 Phase Leader


Science Leader

Aisling Armstrong

Year 6 (Oak)

Maths Leader

Alicia Henry

ARU 2 (Willow)

Sally Crawley

ARU 1 (Horse Chestnut) 

ARU Leader

Mandy Holland Art Teacher
Robin Hanney PE Teacher
Liz Williams Computing Teacher
Emma Alcaraz-Laws MFL Teacher (Spanish)


Teaching Assistants  

Year Group and Responsibilities

Kim Miller

HLTA - PPA Provision

EAL Provision

Forest School Leader

Celine Power Nursery (Apple)
Maddy Billings Nursery (Apple)
Lyndsey Clements Reception (Palm)
Helen Jackson Reception (Beech)
Sue Fullick Year 1 (Rowan)
Vinu Madhavan Year 1(Silver Birch)
Sandra Coyne Year 2 (Ginkgo)
Caroline Stevenson Year 2 (Maple)
Donna Mustafa Year 3 (Baobab & Poplar)
Kelly Mitchell  Year 3 (Baobab) (Named Child)
Maggie Pinniger

Year 5 (Cherry & Olive)

HLTA - PPA Provision

Hong Foulsham Y5 (Cherry)) (Named Child)
Debi Baldwin Year 6 (Elm & Oak)
Debie Allen ARU 2 (Willow)
Alfie George ARU 2 (Willow)
Karen Willis

ARU 2 (Willow)

Y2 (Maple)

Lisa Edwards ARU 1 (Horse Chestnut)
Jessica Sam ARU 1 (Horse Chestnut)
Aga Sutcliffe ARU 2 (Willow) - On Maternity Leave
Bibi Husain

ARU 2 (Willow)

Aleksandra Dyrka

HLTA  - PPA Provision

Extended Provision

Admin Support


Administrative Staff Job Title
Jo Hawker School Business Manager
Marika Barretto  Receptionist (on maternity leave) 
Catherine Bligh Clerical Assistant
Johanna Woodward Clerical Assistant


Midday Supervisors Breakfast Club Supervisors After-school Club Supervisors
Maureen Johnson Mo Ani Jackie Simpson 
Mo Ani Kim Collins Katie Manzi
Clare Barrett Donna Mustafa Shenay Smith
David Dorey Sue Fullick Toni Baldwin
Katie Manzi Carole Webb Paulette Mckoy
Catherine Warman Maggie Pinniger
Sasha Lindsay
Amna Chagtai
Linda Osbourne
Tom Hayes - Premises Manager


Churchfields Primary School

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