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Behaviour at Churchfields

We believe that we have a core responsibility to ensure that behaviour is outstanding at Churchfields.

  • All children and adults have the right to feel safe in school
  • Teachers need to teach and children need to learn without disruption caused by poor behaviour
  • Children need to learn how to behave towards their peers and adults
  • Children need to learn which behaviours promote excellent learning

We believe that children need outstanding behaviour to learn as well as learning the skills of how to behave as a member of our school community. We provide a calm, quiet 'no-shouting' working environment and as professionals, we model this approach to children.

Our Vision centres on three core values - Aspiration, Citizenship & Excellence, on which we base everything that we do. 

As a result, we actively teach and reinforce these values and the behaviours that help us achieve them through whole school assemblies and class teaching.  We recognise that children’s behaviour is not fixed or predetermined and that all children can learn to improve their behaviour.  This is why our policy is called the Behaviour Improvement Policy. We believe that children behave best when there are clear and predictable policies and procedures in place. 

We have 3 Golden Rules in school.  These are:

1    Take an active part in all your learning

2    Treat other people as you would like to be treated.

3    Respect our school and the wider community.

These rules cover everything children do both at school and out in the wider community.  They actively encourage children to take responsibility for their own behaviour.   To support these rules we operate a very simple system in class and around the school.  In every class, we display a Green and a Red Card. Children can be on both the Green and Red card simultaneously as we reward and sanction the behaviour, not the child.

Rewards: How we promote positive behaviour

The Green Card: Children receive a tick on the Green Card for their effort and attitude to their academic work and also their role in being a caring, polite Churchfields citizen. Any member of school staff can reward a child with a tick on the Green Card. When children have received 3 Green ticks in any day, we celebrate this achievement with a real-time email to parents or carers via our electronic recording system, Behaviour Watch.

Star Pupils: These certificates are used to reward  usually 1 child per class or specialist subject for excellent work/effort in line with the School Vision/Golden Rules/Excellent Learner Behaviours. These are given out weekly in a whole school assembly and also automatically emailed to parents and carers through Behaviour Watch. These children are recorded in the weekly newsletter.

ACE Awards: All children at Churchfields work towards achieving ACE awards. These awards are used to reward good behaviour over time.  They link together our twin themes of learning to behave (Golden Rules) and behaving to learn (displaying excellent learner behaviours).  Each child has an ACE Award Chart.  Children collect stickers for each Golden Rule and each Excellent Learner Behaviour. When their chart is complete (ie they have at least 2 stickers for each category), they are awarded a certificate in assembly.  There are 4 levels of certificate to collect in each phase (bronze, silver, gold and diamond).   Parents receive an email when children have achieved a certificate and names are published in the Weekly Newsletter.  At Parents Evenings, teachers discuss with parents/carers which areas their child still needs to work on to receive their next Ace Award.

Please see our Behaviour Policy for further details.

Sanctions: How we change poor behaviour

The Red Card: Children receive a cross on the Red Card for inappropriate behaviour that is not in line with the school's expectations.

Some examples of behaviour that result in a cross on the Red Card:

  • Calling out
  • Not listening
  • Silly behaviour that distracts others
  • Throwing equipment
  • Refusal to follow instructions

If a child receives 3 crosses on the Red Card in any one day, a Time-Out is given. Parents and carers receive notification and details of the behaviour resulting in the sanction on the same day. 

Higher Level Sanctions

These sanctions are used rarely and full details can be found in our school

Behaviour Improvement Policy


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