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¡Hola y bienvenidos a las páginas web de español!  Me llamo Señorita Laws y soy la profesora de español de Churchfields Primary School.

I am a native Spanish speaker and recognise the importance of your child learning another language to enable them to communicate both outside of England and the wider cultural context that language learning creates. At Churchfields, your children will commence learning Spanish in Yr 2, which already gives them a head start, as MFL is not statutory until Key stage 2.  Lessons are held once a week, we introduce each topic with enjoyable and stimulating activities to ensure children are engaged as well as having lots fun.

What we are learning

In Spanish, we will be covering a wide variety of topics using and developing fun activities to keep children motivated and engaged:

Year 2: continuing with our mini-beasts topic, we will be adding likes and dislikes and the use of 'because'.  During the second half term, we will be introducing the topic “El Circo” which will tie in with the work they are carrying out in Art.

Year 3: Children will be replying to their Pen-pals, this term. In classroom discussions we will talk about what children would like to say In their letters and together we will compose them. Once completed we will be introducing the topic of food and using familiar stories.

Year 4: We will be learning forms, shapes and prepositions, to allow children to describe pictures, drawings and other things they see. This term we will be putting a lot of emphasis on grammar; there is/ar, adjectival agreement and conjunctions.

Year 4 have been learning the names of clothes in Spanish.

Year 5: Children will be replying to their Pen-pals. In classroom discussions children talk about what they would like to say and together we will compose the letters.  We will also be creating Target Language flash cards, to remind children to use the target language in the classroom. For the second half term we will be introducing sports and further work on a variety of verbs, likes and dislikes and the use of “porque” (because).

Year 5 opening their Pen Pal letters


Year 6:  In this final term we will be consolidating children’s knowledge by describing various scenes using a number of verbs in the present tense as well as some in the past.  Children in year 6 have worked hard and really have gained an understanding of how to structure sentences and will demonstrate this in their written description. During the second half term we will revisit the topic of “clothes” Children will add to the vocabulary and grammar they already have to prepare a fashion show in class. Thereby using and showing off their speaking skills.

Other information

Year 5 are looking forward to their trip to El Parasol, a Spanish restaurant in Bromley.  The children will have the opportunity to practice what they have learned during the spring term as well as sampling all of the delicious dishes.

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