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A world class, inspirational and aspirational curriculum driven by the principles of improvement, excellence and equality. All Learners receive an Engaging, Ambitious, Relevant and Nurturing Curriculum (LEARN statement).

Q1E Learning structure

All learning structures ensure that all children and adults

  • Are safe
  • Are excellent learners
  • Have excellent social an emotional skills
  • Achieve and succeed

What we want the curriculum to achieve

Our History curriculum stimulates pupils' curiosity about people, places and events in the past to help them develop an understanding of society today. Pupils learn about changes within living memory and events beyond living memory that are significant globally and nationally. They learn about the lives of significant individuals in the past. Pupils develop a chronologically secure knowledge of British and world history through the study of different civilizations and empires. They also spend time learning about the history of the school, local area and locally significant people.

How does the subject fit into the whole school curriculum offer?

At Churchfields, we provide high quality opportunities for children to become inquisitive, independent learners who investigate and draw conclusions for themselves from a range of primary and secondary sources. We teach children how to be Excellent Learners, who are not afraid to make mistakes, take on challenges, work well with others and make links to other areas of their learning.

What is special about our curriculum?

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, but with an importance on our local history. Where possible, we engage the local community to bring history to life for our children. We have an oral history afternoon where local residents come into school to share their experiences of WW2 with the children. Parents and local community residents come into school to share what Churchfields school was like in the past making effective use of our school’s own historical artefacts. Children visit historically important locations, such as Croydon airport where Amy Johnson embarked on her ground-breaking solo around the world flight. Other visits include a trip to Crofton to see an actual Roman Villa and many more. We also have themed days were children can become a Roman or a Greek for the day and put into practice all they have learned.

Churchfields Cricket Team 1910

What is the structure of teaching and learning?

History is taught for one hour per week, for three half terms per year where our children will experience a variety of teaching styles and approaches, which enhance the learning outcomes of the curriculum.

The curriculum structure supports children in developing secure knowledge and understanding of the past both local, national and worldwide.

What will children achieve by the end of EYFS, KS1 and KS2?


Children we be able to understand the difference between past and present events in their own lives. They can begin to explain some reasons why people's lives were different in the past.


By the end of KS1, children at Churchfields can use common words and phrases relating to the passing of time. They can explain about changes in living memory and events beyond living memory. They are able to talk about the lives of significant individuals and discuss what they have discovered about people and places and significant events in their own  locality.



Children have a strong chronological knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history. They are taught to address and devise questions about change, similarity and difference. Children understand that our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources and that a historian will carefully select and organise sources to construct informed responses.

History Progression document

History Overview



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