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Inclusion and SEND

SEND Information Report 2021-22

Accessibility Plan

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The ARC at Churchfields

At Churchfields we are incredibly proud of our Additionally Resourced Classes (ARC). We have provision for 18 children, split across 2 class groups and can offer places to children with an EHCP from Reception – Year 6.

The ARC is an integral part of the school and the children have access to the same opportunities as those in the mainstream. The children receive specialist art, computing and PE lessons and where appropriate, specialist Spanish lessons too. Children in The ARC classes also benefit from an afternoon of Forest School every week led by our qualified Forest School Leader.



The ARC classes are each staffed with qualified teachers and Learning Support Assistants. In order to encourage the children to become independent learners, they do not have full time 1-1 support. Our curriculum and timetable is designed to encourage and nurture this growing independence.


The curriculum in The ARC is planned alongside that of mainstream classes. Phonics is taught following the same systematic format as the mainstream but at a much slower pace and is more integrated through the day and built into routine.
ARC teachers work closely alongside mainstream colleagues when planning for English. The specific focus is then adapted to suit the individual children’s needs, keeping their EHCP targets in the forefront of planning.

Maths teaching is bespoke to the needs of the individual, with some children working completely practically and focusing on the basic skills of counting and ordering numbers whilst others follow the Maths No Problem scheme, like the mainstream school – when they are ready to do so.

Life skills are a regular part of the curriculum and cooking is taught fortnightly across both classes.
There are a number of adaptations made to the mainstream curriculum in order to allow the children in The ARC to achieve and succeed.

Sensory circuits, the Zone of Regulation, clear use of visual resources, Makaton, Widgit symbols and sensory breaks are all built in to be a regular feature of the daily timetable.

Social interaction time and life skills lessons are also included as part of the regular day in the ARC classes.

Both ARC classes cook fortnightly, another building block in developing independence and life skills for the children.

Sensory Room

There is a dedicated Sensory Room for The ARC to use both in timetabled sessions and throughout the day whenever children need to use it. There is also a dedicated hygiene suite, which is used for those children requiring intimate care throughout the school day.
Integration in to the mainstream classes takes place for each individual child within The ARC as is appropriate for their own needs. Some children have their playtimes with mainstream friends, others join classes for PE, art, maths or English. Mainstream and specialist teachers know the ARC children very well and work hard to ensure they are able to meet all children’s needs when in their classes.
We have regular visits from our Speech and Language Therapist who works closely alongside ARC staff, ensuring they are trained to support children with their SaLT needs throughout the week. There are also visits from our Music Therapist and we have great links with The Bromley Complex Needs team, Educational Psychologist and other professionals who visit the school regularly.

Assessment in The ARC

Assessment is a continual process as staff are always making informal assessments progress towards EHCP outcomes and these are formally reviewed once a year through the Annual Review process. Academic progress is also tracked throughout the year using Target Tracker, the online assessment tool used throughout the school.
The ARC use the Seesaw app to share regular updates and photographs with families, enabling them to have a greater understanding of the learning and fun that happens during the school day and also as an easy communication method.

Websites and Resources to support SEND at home

Below is a list of SEND resources you may find useful at home. They have been divided into the four areas of SEN need, for ease and convenience.

Communication and Interaction (including Speech & Language)

  • Oak academy communication and language lessons

  • A directory of activities and resources to support development of specific speech, language and communication needs, Searchable by age phase, subject, target and level of attainment.

  • A range of resources to help parents develop children speech and language needs.

  • Games and activities to support speech and language needs.

  • A guide to android apps to support complex communication needs

  • Activities to support children and parents using PECS (Picture Exchange)

Social, Emotional and mental health

  • A range of resources, games etc. to support different areas of mental health; anxiety, anger, emotions, mindfulness etc.

  • Resources aimed at autistic pupils, but could be used with others to support change, particularly around COVID 19.

  • A range of social stories and resources around a lot of different life issues, including COVID 19, which can be used to support children’s understanding.

  • iPad Apps for Complex Communication Support Needs

  • Create a free account to access certain activities and resources to support mindfulness and well-being.

  • A selection of games to play to build children’s social and emotional awareness

Cognition and learning


  • Oak academy lessons to support children with additional needs in specific areas of maths.

  • iPad Apps for Learners with Dyscalculia/Numeracy Difficulties

  • Resources to support teaching to tell the time

  • Active games to support maths learning

  • Virtual physical resources to help children understand maths, cubes, tens frames, number lines, bead strings, and many more!


  • Android Apps for Learners with Dyslexia / Reading and Writing Difficulties

  • Free Powerpoint Books for Young Readers

  • List of Dyslexia friendly books

  • Multisensory stories for downloading using signs, props, movement etc. to engage children with special needs.

  • Free e-book library, select by age group


  • Comic books that can be downloaded and support learning in different areas of the curriculum, aimed at KS2

  • Early develop lesson for pupils working below year 1 level.

  • Ways to use technology to Support Learners with Dyslexia

  • Resources to support SEND learning

  • iPad Apps for Learners with Complex Additional Support Needs

  • iPad Apps for Learners with Dyslexia

  • A list of free or cheap apps for developing a range of learning skills fbclid=IwAR3m1100UbRduVvNCqW6eN7OVUZdXO38APRka-cObxntIlwNoh34AXjb7P8

  • Funky feet dance and movement videos

  • Downloadable resources, activity and lesson ideas for literacy, numeracy, behaviour and social skills of needs including social skills.

  • Accessible learning games for English, maths, memory and typing skills

Sensory and/or physical needs

  • Oak academy lesson to support children with additional in in their physical development

  • Support for autistic learners with sensory processing, ideas for activities, resources and guidance for those supporting them

  • A guide to using the iPad to Support Learners with Physical Difficulties

  • Using the iPad to Support Learners with Visual Difficulties

  • Using Windows 10 'Accessibility' Tools to Support Learners with Visual Difficulties

  • 10 weeks’ worth of videos with activities to develop children fine motor skills

  • Multisensory stories for downloading using signs, props, movement etc. to engage children with special needs.

  • Dance mat typing to develop typing skills, different levels of challenge.

  • Learn British sign language fun videos

Self-help and independence

  • Oak academy lesson developing life skills such as dressing, personal care etc.

  • Resources aimed at support children with autism develop essential life skills such as personal hygiene, self-care, safety, managing work and leisure activities.

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